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My name is Carmen Cirer. I am an architect and jewelry designer, born in Mallorca, and take my inspiration from the ocean and the underwater world with its lightness and poetry.

I believe in an intimate relationship between a piece of jewelry and its wearer.

The right jewelry reflects a woman’s inner strength, her female side and her self-perception. The woman makes a statement to the outer world and at the same time connects with her interior; it’s her talisman.

Mont Blanc porcelain, natural materials and noble metals constitute my jewelry. It is feminine and sensuous.

A piece of jewelry connects you with your experiences and memories, like a scent, an emotion, a personal find.

Peace in the face of infinity,
Serenity in the face of danger,
Transparency in the face of secrecy.

Sometimes curt and wild… it carries you away.
Sometimes tender and promising… you let yourself drift.

You swim into it,
Dive in deeply.