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Project Description

Sea Urchin Essence
Playfully nature builds with radiating dotted lines a masterful form. The sea urchin reminds us of the beauty of being.
Variations made from silver or porcelain with delicate precious metal settings exude vitality.

The spikes are gone,
a fragile interior appears.
Earlier times
are made into a new face.

Big sea urchin necklace
14 K gold, sterling silver and Mont-Blanc porcelain

Sea urchin long earrings
Sterling silver and black porcelain

Sea urchin and labradorite necklace
Sterling silver, Mont-Blanc porcelain and labradorite

Small sea urchin and jade necklace
Sterling silver, Mont-Blanc porcelain and jade stones

Sea urchin long and stud earrings
Sterling silver, 14 C gold and Mont-Blanc porcelain