Über Cirer

It was summer, it was warm, and the air smelled of algae and salt when my first artworks came into being.

I follow the tradition of my ancestors and their sustainable relationship to the sea: respectfully taking only as much from it as is necessary. For me personally, it is the inspiration from the ocean's inexhaustible magic.
 I like to think jewelry reflects a woman’s inner strength, her female side and her self-perception. The woman makes a statement to the outer world and at the same time connects with her interior; it’s her talisman.

Perhaps because I was born on an island, I have always felt myself powerfully drawn to the sea.
I can rarely resist the urge to collect things that come out of the sea. From every journey, from every visit to the beach, I return home loaded down with new riches. 
Back at my studio, I mentally connect to nature again and enter into a feeling of richness and harmony.
The final step is a personal interpretation of this natural event, a consequence of the harmony I feel. I turn this moment into a concrete idea, which I put on paper while meditating upon the material that I am going to use, the size, the connection between materials, the setting...

Thus I create the prototype for a new piece of jewelry.


Carme García Cirer

Mein Name ist Carme G. Cirer, Architektin und selbstgelernte Goldschmiedin aus Mallorca mit Sitz in Berlin.

Mit meinen Kollektionen möchte ich die Unterwasserwelt greifbarer machen und unser Bewusstsein für die marinen Lebensräume wecken, die sich unter der spiegelnden Oberfläche des Ozeans verbergen.

Die Gesichter hinter Cirer

Als kleines Team von drei Personen arbeiten wir eng zusammen, um die hohe Qualität unserer Schmuckstücke und den persönlichen Kontakt zu unseren Kunden auf der ganzen Welt aufrecht zu erhalten.

Leonie - unsere Goldschmiedin mit den magischen Händen
Carme - der Kopf hinter Cirer
Syra - Kundenservice & Marketing

Our Jewelry

All our jewelry is handmade with traditional techniques in our Berlin based atelier. The pieces arrive in a black jewelry packaging.