Care Tips

Gold / silver anchor round chain

This chain is characterized by its delicate appearance. It is made of solid gold / Sterling silver, but due to the delicacy of its chain links it is a sensitive piece.

We recommend removing this piece before doing physical activities and before going to bed. It can break if it gets caught or pulled, so make sure to be extra careful around young children.

To make the chain less likely to get tangled, we recommend that you close the clasp after taking it off. It you want to transport it, put the piece back in its original jewelry box around the small cushion, just as you received it.


Adjusting the Dewdrops / Flowring necklace

To move the circle pendant up and down we recommend doing it SLOWLY and gently. Hold the pendant in one hand, and with the other hand carefully adjust one chain at a time.

Make sure that you move the pendant straight along the chain.

Please do not pull the necklace over your head, but open the clasp to put it on and take it off so that no kinks are made.

Care Tips

Snake chain

Snake chains are characterized by their particularly graceful flow. They are very sensitive to kinks, so please be careful not to bend the chain more than its natural curve allows.

For this reason we recommend taking it off before doing physical activities and before going to bed. This chain can break if it gets caught or pulled, so make sure to be extra careful around young children.

It is best to store and transport this piece in the original packaging provided, and not together with other jewelry.


Open and close the bayonet clasp

This clasp consists of both a spring and a thread, which is a double safety system.

To open the clasp, hold both parts between the thumb and index finger and push them together while turning them 90º towards the opening direction.

To close, grasp the two halves again and put them together. The closure can only be pushed together completely in one position. By carefully twisting both parts towards each other you will easily find the correct position. Now push the clasp together and turn both parts 90o until it engages in the closing position.


Pearl Jewelry

We recommend removing this piece when showering, swimming, doing sports or before going to the sauna. As pearls are an organic material, their surface can be damaged from washing. Soap, perfume, sweat, hot water and steam should especially be avoided. If you have a pearl ring, it is best to take it off before washing your hands.

The pearl is glued to a pin and is very secure, but it should not get wet several times a day.

By following these care instructions you support the longevity of your pearl jewelry.


Applying the finishing hand pad

Included in this package you will find a finishing hand pad.

With this, you can easily go over the surface of your ring every few months if needed to refresh the matte finish, if it has become shiny from wearing.

Please do not apply strong pressure and do not use it on diamonds and pearls.

Keep in mind not to use the finishing hand pad on gold plated jewelry. This may result in damaging the gold plated surface.

Care Instructions

Maintaining gold-plated jewelry

Gold plated jewelry has undergone a particular surface treatment and requires a very careful handling. Do not use abrasive methods to clean these pieces (including jewelry cloths) as this may remove the surface coating. The best way to clean these pieces is to carefully rub them lengthwise with a soft cloth (cotton jersey) in one direction. If they remain dull or have a residue, you can carefully soak them in warm soapy water and gently move your fingers across the surface. To finish, rinse them thoroughly and pat dry (do not rub). Over the course of time the surface will get a patina, which some people love as it gives the piece a unique character. However, each piece can be restored to its original look by repeating the surface treatment. If you are interested, please contact us.

In order to support the longevity of your jewelry, avoid contact with humidity. Remove your jewelry before bathing, showering or swimming. Store your valuable jewelry in jewelry cases. Avoid contact with moisturizers, perfumes, hair care products and body care products, as they can accelerate the tarnishing process. Always remove your gold plated pieces when you come into contact with the aforementioned chemicals.