Help & FAQ

Size information
Here are a few tips for determining ring sizes: We recommend taking a reference ring that fits well. It is helpful if it has a similar width. Determining the ring size from the inner diameter of the ring can be somewhat inaccurate, as a difference of 1 mm can make a difference of about 3 ring sizes. That's why I advise either to measure very accurately with a caliper (including tenths of a mm.) or to have the matching ring measured in a goldsmith's shop. Otherwise, you can also send it to me, an option that many customers liked to use. If the ring does not fit completely, we can adjust the size of many models afterwards. Please contact us if you have any questions.

A few tips for the care of gold-plated jewelry:Gold-plated jewelry has undergone a special surface treatment and requires careful treatment. It is best to gently rub these pieces lengthwise in one direction with a soft cloth (cotton jersey). If they remain dull or residues accumulate, you can soak them in warm soapy water and gently walk your fingers over the surface, rinse thoroughly and pat dry (do not rub).Avoid contact with moisture. Put down your jewelry before showering. Keep your jewelry in jewelry cases. Avoid contact with moisturizers, perfumes, hair and personal care products.

For some of our necklaces we use snake chains.The snake chain is elegant and minimalist but at the same time a bit more sensitive than link chains. Please make sure that you do not pull on the chain (please be careful with small children :). Please do not squeeze the natural bending radius of the chain, as it is sensitive to kinks. We recommend taking off the chain before you physically work, do sports or lie down and it is best to store and transport it in the supplied packaging, not together with other pieces of jewelry.

Custom-made products and personalized products

Many of our customers like to take advantage of the offer to personalize the pieces and to have special data and letters engraved or stamped. We can have letters and numbers stamped or engraved on plates or rings, for example. In both cases, you should order the corresponding item separately. Please keep in mind that on some pieces only a few millimeters are available. Please also note that with a stamping, the processing time is extended by about two working days and with an engraving by about ten working days.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.