Acerca de Cirer

It was summer, it was warm, and the air smelled of algae and salt when my first artworks came into being.

I follow the tradition of my ancestors and their sustainable relationship to the sea: respectfully taking only as much from it as is necessary. For me personally, it is the inspiration from the ocean's inexhaustible magic.
 I like to think jewelry reflects a woman’s inner strength, her female side and her self-perception. The woman makes a statement to the outer world and at the same time connects with her interior; it’s her talisman.

Perhaps because I was born on an island, I have always felt myself powerfully drawn to the sea.
I can rarely resist the urge to collect things that come out of the sea. From every journey, from every visit to the beach, I return home loaded down with new riches. 
Back at my studio, I mentally connect to nature again and enter into a feeling of richness and harmony.
The final step is a personal interpretation of this natural event, a consequence of the harmony I feel. I turn this moment into a concrete idea, which I put on paper while meditating upon the material that I am going to use, the size, the connection between materials, the setting...

Thus I create the prototype for a new piece of jewelry.


Carme Garcia Cirer

My name is Carme G. Cirer, an architect and self-taught goldsmith from Mallorca based in Berlin.

With my collections I aim to make the underwater world more tangible and awaken our awareness of the marine habitats hidden beneath the reflective surface of the ocean.


The faces behind Cirer

As a small team of three, we work closely together to sustain the high quality of our jewelry and the personal contact with our clients all around the world.

Leonie - our Goldsmith with the magic hands
Carme - the head behind Cirer
Syra - customer service & marketing


Our Jewelry

All our jewelry is handmade with traditional techniques in our Berlin based atelier. The pieces arrive in a black jewelry packaging.